Did you know? First cellular phone

First portable cellular phone was developed by Motorola. The lead designer of the team was Rudy Krolopp. The working prototype was produced on 1973 named DynaTAC (DYNamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage) portable phone prototype. And not untill the 1983, the world’s first portable cellular phone named DynaTAC 8000x introduced, then released to the market. The price? $3,995 in 1983 (I wonder how much will it cost if it converted to 2009 dollars). The dimensions was 13 x 1.75 x 3.5 inches. Oh, by the way, you need to charge it about 10 hours for 30 minutes talk time.

Pictures below show models of the phone and the size compared with the new generation cell phone.

(Note that the phone shown below is just a dummy, not the real DynaTAC8000x)


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